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Quality takes time

Generations of expertise

Extensive expertise is required to make good gloves – expertise about leather and textiles, handicrafts and hands, and about cold and wet conditions. It also takes insight into users and areas of use. Martin Magnusson established our company in Hestra, a small village in the Swedish province of Småland, in 1936. In his simple workshop, he made gloves for local lumberjacks. More than 80 years later, the fourth generation of Magnussons are now running the company with the help of 400 skilled colleagues. Hestra is today one of the world’s leading brands of gloves for skiing, outdoor recreation and other activities.

International but based in Hestra

We remain in Hestra in Småland Province. Design, material tests and sustainability are key parts of our operations at head office. We have our own companies in Germany and the US and sell our gloves in all major alpine skiing and outdoor recreation markets – in total, more than 40 countries worldwide. Our users include professional skiers, mountain guides and other specialists who need gloves that meet their specific requirements. But they also include families with children, nature lovers and other active people who need good, top-quality gloves.

Glove makers to the core

Our gloves are made in our own factories. This enables us to control production and ensure that all our workers have good working conditions. Craftsmanship continues to be key at Hestra, with a CEO who is a trained glove maker and experienced cutters and seamstresses at all our factories. Several models are hand made by Europe’s most experienced glovers. Each year we add new knowledge to our existing know-how.

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