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Golf Super Wedge Left 5-finger

35 EUR 39020-000250

Color Royal blue

Royal blue
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Hestra Golf Super Wedge is a golf glove designed to fit the natural movements of the hand. The Super Wedge- construction means wedges on the sides of the fingers and minimal amount of seams on the inner hand. This provides a very comfortable feeling



Golf is a game of slight adjustments in pursuit of ultimate control. This range of golf gloves has been thoughtfully designed with thin, durable leathers like lambskin and carefully placed seams that provide ample protection while emphasizing precision and control.




Velcro closure at wrist

Outer material

Hairsheep leather | Polyester mesh
Hairsheep leather

A thin and soft leather with high gloss.

Polyester mesh

Thin mesh material, 100% polyester.

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