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A natural and living material

Leather is a natural, living material. It is a by-product of the meat industry and one of our oldest materials for clothing. It is beautiful, supple and provides a comfortable fit. Some leathers withstand moisture well, while others are softer. The characteristics of leather are partly a result of where the animal lived. We select our leather with great care and work closely with the tanneries.

We have worked with leather ever since our great grandfather founded the company in 1936. Our hope is that this is something you will notice when you put on a pair of gloves from us.

Sports leather

The leather in our sports gloves requires more durable and robust leathers. For our colourd we only use drum dyed leather. This requires better quality raw material then when dyeing the surface, but means that the leather retains it's naturals appearance and characteristics. Depending on the intended purpose of the gloves, we choose a durable goat leather with good impregnation and it's structural properties provide effective protection against moisture. Another common leather used in our ski gloves is cowhide. It takes on beautiful nuances in colour when dyed and resists moisture and abrasion well.

Each hide is unique

In our world, 0.1 millimeter can make a big difference. When we choose the thickness of the leather, that measurement is the margin that determines whether the glove on your hand will feel soft and supple or stiffer and more robust. The thickness of the hide is not only important for the feel of the finished glove, it is also crucial to how well the glove holds up to wear and tear. Our gloves are produced from different types of hides and skins of varying thicknesses. The intended purpose and wearer of the glove determine which skin is used.

It has tiny irregularities, pigment marks and sometimes scars too. The amount of stretch varies in the different sections of the hide. It is the work of the glove maker to see the potential of the leather and use its qualities to the best advantage. Leather does not have the controllable accuracy of synthetic materials – and that’s where its beauty and the challenge of working with leather come in.

Dress leather

For our dress gloves we have chosen to work with what is quite simply the finest leather in the world, both when it comes to the selection of rawhides as well as the tanning and dyeing. It is aniline leather, dyed all the way through for a superior feel and colour depth. However, this leather can also be sensitive to rain as it can leave stains and darken the colour. It is important to remember that no leather is “perfect” as it is a material that is not produced but rather made by nature. Every skin has its own structure and characteristics in the form of marks and occasional irregularities. Handling the unique properties of each piece of leather is perhaps the most important aspect of the cutter’s work and craftsmanship.

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