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Take care of your dress gloves

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A pair of dress gloves should be put on and taken off in a certain way. If not done correctly, the seams and materials may be strained and eventually break. By following these simple tips your gloves will last longer.

When putting on your gloves, pull them gently down towards the wrist. Alternate between pulling at the cuff of the palm and the back of the glove. Avoid pushing down between the fingers. Finish with a stroke with your other hand from the fingertips down on the glove. When taking off your gloves, start by gently pulling each finger and then pull all fingers at the same time. By doing so, your gloves will be less strained, and they will last longer. After taking off your gloves make sure that they are flat by pulling and stroking them gently.

Caring for your dress gloves

Each glove’s elasticity is inspected by a glove cutter to ensure the perfect fit. After a little while, however, the glove may float or widen, which means that the elasticity is transferred to the glove’s length rather than its width. This is entirely normal.

To achieve its original fit, simply stretch the glove over the edge of a table. Hold the fingertips of the glove with one hand and the cuff opening with the other. Then stretch gently with the upper hand against the edge of the table. Repeat for the other fingers. Start at the bottom of the finger and work out to the fingertip with four or five strokes. Finally, do the same with the thumb. The elasticity of the leather will return to its original condition as created by the glove cutter during the cutting process.

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