The fashion industry is known to be one of the world’s biggest emitters of greenhouse gases. The industry’s supply chains, with its materials production and transport, are key sources of these emissions. As consumers are buying and disposing of garments at a faster pace, the emissions in crease. This is why our commit- ment to make long-lasting gloves is our greatest contribution to the environment and the mitigation of climate change.

Our own energy consumption constitutes a comparatively small part of our carbon footprint. But it is a part where we have direct influence. Every year steps are taken to reduce our energy consumption and transition to renewable energy sources which emit less greenhouse gases per kWh.

The factory in Vietnam installed solar panels in September 2021. It is our largest site and the weather conditions require air conditioning to make the work environment pleasant. In spring 2022, solar panels were also installed at one of our

factories China. The solar panels are expected to be fully functional in summer 2022. The electricity consumption at our concept stores and regional sales offices are included in the leasing fees, and our ability to switch to renewable energy sources is limited.

We are continuously assessing ways of reducing energy  consumption. For example, our factories are using more energy efficient sewing machines and LED light fixtures. The heating system at our headquarters will be upgraded in the coming year.

To reduce the carbon footprint of our own transport, the company car fleet policy in Sweden was revised in 2021. All  new cars must be either electric or hybrid vehicles. So far,  40 percent of the fleet has been replaced. This year, we also installed 12 electric vehicle charging points at our offices in Hestra to encourage more employees and visitors to change to an electric vehicle when they replace their car.

This year we have continued our preparations to assess our climate footprint. Our climate calculations will be included in future sustainability reports.

Electricity consumption within the organisation

1) Hestra’s concept stores in Copenhagen and Gothenburg, were opened in September and October 2021, respectively. For the locations of our concept stores, please see page 1.

During 2020/21, the renewable energy produced by Hestra’s share in the windpower parks owned by Egen Kraft combined with the organisation’s purchased renewable electricity is almost equivalent to Hestra’s total electricity consumption (see table below).

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