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85 EUR 14781-100100

Color Black

Soft and warm everyday mitten. Made of curly wool pile / Alpaca / Mohair on backhand combined with a palm made of Hairsheep Leather, for a more elegant expression. Insulated with warming Primaloft Gold.
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Collection is a range of dress gloves focused on carefully sourced leathers, excellent quality, and precise finishes. These seasonally-focused gloves can be pared down or or dressed up to complement a wide variety of outfits and style choices.


Everyday winter | Fashion


Rib knitted cuff


Primaloft Gold

A soft, down-like insulation with breathable and warming properties. 100% Polyester.


Brushed polyester

Durable lining with a soft feeling. The brushed surface binds more air which provides a better insulation. 100% polyester.

Outer material

Curly pile | Hairsheep leather
Curly pile

50% wool, 22% polyamide, 14% alpaca, 14% mohair.

Hairsheep leather

A thin and soft leather with high gloss.

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