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Image displaying Fjellvotten Wool Terry Jr. Mitt

Fjellvotten Wool Terry Jr. Mitt

38 EUR 34341-020

Color Offwhite

A warm wool liner. Designed for use with the Fjellvott Jr.
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Machine washable

Wool terry mitten 
liner for children’s gloves...

A soft, warming mitten liner in wool terry for the popular children’s Fjellvotten Jr mitten and other Hestra children’s mittens. The terry knit binds plenty of insulating air and the excellent properties of the wool mean the liner is warming even if it gets damp.


One of the most important sustainability efforts at Hestra is building thoughtfully designed products that will get better with time. Replacement liners extend the life of your gloves and many of these options can also be worn on their own as lightweight gloves.

Product origin

Hai Phong, Vietnam

HESTRA Matsuoka Vietnam Founded by Hestra: 2018

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Outdoor | Hiking | Everyday winter




Everyday winter

Everyday winter


Machine washable | Velcro attachment
Velcro attachment

Helps the liner stay in place in the shell glove.

Attached Lining

Merino wool terry

A knitted material which curly fibers and terry loops together can bind a large amount of air. 100% Merino wool.

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