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Image displaying Glacé Parade Glove

Glacé Parade Glove

130 EUR 21000-000

Color White

To be worn with white tie and uniform. Genuine glacé leather tanned with egg, flour and salt. A true gentleman's choice.
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Hestra Table Cut gloves have been handcrafted by expert glove cutters with the finest materials in accordance with the original practices of the craft from the 17th century. Every glove is a one-of-a-kind creation with the most exquisite fit.

Product origin

Rakamaz, Hungary

HESTRA Hungary Founded by Hestra: 2011

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Half piqué | Snap button at cuff | Table cut | Vent in cuff
Half piqué

Half piqué means that the leathers are overlapped on backhand and sewn with a one millimeter seam allowance.

Outer material

Hairsheep leather

A thin, soft leather from hair sheep with a nice luster. The finest hairsheep leather comes from the high land of Ethiopia and is tanned and dyed in Naples.

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