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Image displaying Viggen SL 5-finger

Viggen SL 5-finger

240 EUR 30160-000560

Color Red print

Medium blue
White & yellow
Red print


A short, supple glove designed for slalom and developed together with the Swedish and Norwegian national alpine ski teams. Two layers of shock absorbing material allow the gloves to better withstand impacts and distribute forces over a larger area. The knuckles and underside of the thumbs are reinforced with abrasion resistant fabric for extra durability.
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Alpine Racing

Alpine Racing is won and lost by milliseconds. Every ounce plays an important role and every piece of equipment must have a distinct purpose. This range of gloves is developed in close collaboration with coaches and athletes. They are among our most technical gloves and emphasize suppleness, durability, and protection.




Durable ceramic material with shock absorbing foam on backhand and thumb | Elastic at wrist | Neoprene cuff with velcro closure



Provides insulation and steadiness to the glove.


Brushed polyester

Durable lining with a soft feeling. The brushed surface binds more air which provides a better insulation. 100% polyester.

Outer material

Impregnated cowhide

A durable and proofed leather with hardwearing properties often used in our sport gloves.

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